Altes Mädchen

Looking for a place to take your loved ones out for dinner? Are you in the mood for convivial evenings by the fire place? Thick sandwiches with organic bread from our wooden oven served with heavenly Craft Beer is right up your alley?

Alright, unfortunately we cannot fulfill this wish. Because we do not serve one heavenly Craft Beer – we do serve about 60 different Craft beers from around the world aside from our Ratsherrn brews.

We travelled to South Africa, Italy, Scandinavia, the United States, went to the Franconian region and Berlin, and have tested many – and we are talking about very many – beers. We brought back the best brews for you. Because we love them. But fear not, we are not the kind of “fancy wine served by penguins in suits” kind of place. On the contrary, we are actually pretty laid back.

Well, you are probably wondering why we are called “old girl” in German? Freddy Quinn once sang about Hamburg and called the city “old girl”. Timelessly beautiful, always special and full of energy.

That is our inspiration. To admit we chose an unusual name for a brew house and restaurant in the center of Hamburg. No big deal, since we are not a typical brew house restaurant… But now, enjoy! And Cheers!



The Idea

Five years ago, the neighbors Oliver Nordmann and Patrick Rüther sat together one evening and dreamed about a shared gastronomy for the Ratsherrn brewery.

They quickly decided on the Schanzenhöfe to be the future location: together with chef Tim Mälzer, Patrick runs the Bullerei. Oliver owns the Ratsherrn brewery which is also located in the Schanzenhöfe.

Since Oliver is also a member of the LandWert producer group. The plan for the brew house inn was set.

Das Bier ist der Star

The Realization

To realize their idea of turning beer into the pop star of gastronomy they did need a little help. Help from their mutual friend Axel Ohm.

He contributed his love for Craft Beer which the Ratsherrn brewery shares. The rest was taken care of quickly: Axel Ohm and Patrick Rüther took over the management and traveled the world in order to find the best Craft Beers.

The Ratsherrn brews are produced next door. The Bullerei restaurant takes care of staff and menus. Doors were opened… Altes Mädchen is the outcome of their enthusiasm from back then.


Craft Beer


What is Craft Beer?

“Small, independent, traditional” – those are the production conditions for a Craft Brewery according to the Brewers Association, the trade association of Craft Breweries in the U. S.

However, Craft Brewing is much more than that. That is, love and passion – for the idea, the brewing process, and for own creations. Adventurous, dedicated, and creative minds work behind the scenes of brewing Craft Beer.

Master brewers who give a new twist to historic beers and who introduce special ingredients and recipes for their own brands. And of course the world wide growing number of beer lovers, always looking for good, extraordinary and new flavors.

Was ist eigentlich Craft Beer?

The Philosophy

Craft Beer provides contrast to industrial mass production since the primal meaning of the term craft is coming to the fore. Craft Beer is handmade from the beginning on. Before one kind goes into production, it has to be designed. Not the brewing process but the development of a taste is predominant.

The idea of the taste then turns into the taste experience. Craft Beer lives off ideas and unlimited love of experimenting. And passion, because a Craft Brewer would never sell beer which he does not like himself.

Behind a good Craft Brewery there are people with a certain mindset. People who do not care about the final product but who also care about the commodities. We serve the world`s best ideas at Altes Mädchen. Always new. Always fresh.


What belongs into a brew house inn? How do you create a cozy yet modern atmosphere? How rustic yet international? And where the heck is this darn good mustard from?

Our friends do not only treat their employees, nature and their products well, they also answer all of our questions:


For our ingredients we prefer regional products, gentle processing and a reasonable handling with the environment. We receive the majority of our meat and other products from LandWert Hof Stahlbrode. The farming project with on-site manufacture incorporates initial production and processing, as well as cultivating land and livestock.Link: www.landwert.de


Neighbours and friends. Some of us grew up in the Bullerei. Great support especially during the planning and development phase. Link: www.bullerei.com

Gastroprojekt Thomas Hinsche

When it comes to first-class interior designers, Thomas Hinsche has a good hand. And with him, so do we: His team has mad Altes Mädchen beautiful. Link: www.gastroprojekt-gmbh.de

Quijote Kaffee

Our delicious coffee is from Quijote. Tolga and Pingo are genuine Hamburg natives and absolute coffee nerds. They supply and roast their best coffee. Link: www.quijote-kaffee.de


Our tea is from Samova. Uniquely Hamburg, uniquely organic, uniquely delicious. Freshly brewed, finest tea leafs, best taste. Link: www.samova.net

Bender Wine

A fresh breeze from the vineyard: We are excited to introduce you to the wines from Andreas Bender as our two house wines. Link: www.bender-wine.de

Senf Pauli

True to the motto „Mustard is more than the drop of paint on the sausage”, Eva and Sonja produce a fine and especial selection. We are true fans. Link: www.senfpauli.de


Nothing here would be as beautiful without them. Our designers, concept creators, media creators… our friends. Link: www.weissraum.de


Our experts for texts, public relations and social media. Our main pilots are Jannes and Ben, by now they are almost as crazy about beer as we are. Link: www.flutlotsen.de


Non-profit organisation that plans and realizes events to collect donations for Hamburg. We like, we support. Link: www.clubkinder.de


Energy and paper saver in the bathroom: You can discover Dyson`s latest generation at Altes Mädchen, your hands will be dry in 10 seconds, promise. Link: www.dyson.de

Philipp Rathmer

Good friend and even better photographer. Thank you for your great pictures. Link: www.philipprathmer.de

Henning Angerer

Good friend and even… wait, two top photographers? Sure, when you are as beautiful as Altes Mädchen. Link: www.henningangerer.de

Schlotfeldt Licht

The light planning from Schlotfeldt Licht brings a nice atmosphere and a warm ambience to our location. Link: www.schlotfeldtlicht.de